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Our patented Toggle Rope suspension system is a unique and innovative suspension system for hammocks, and other camping and outdoor use. Using the toggle rope does not require any knot tying skills, making the system easier to set up, take down, or adjust. Our Toggle Rope offers flexibility in a broad range of camping, rescue, and utility applications.

Whether hanging your hammock, tethering your horse, or tying up your kayak, our Toggle Ropes are sure to round out your outdoor kit.

Toggle Rope

Toggle Ropes
(Set of Two 10' ropes)

Our Hammocks and Toggle Ropes are in growing demand! We are proud to introduce you to NAVY Hammocks, a new division of THE Ship In A Bottle! To learn more or purchase, visit

Toggle Rope

Toggle Ropes
(Set of Two 5' ropes)

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Toggle Rope Combination Set
Toggle Rope Combination Set

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INTRODUCING THE TSIB HITCH - aka THE Ship in a Bottle Hitch

THE TSIB Hitch - born of necessity


To design a way to hang a hammock that minimizes damage to trees using our own Toggle Ropes.  We toyed around with the idea of re-designing our existing toggle rope but that only led to additional and unnecessary accessories.  We discovered that the existing design in our 10' toggle rope was more than adequate to do what we set out to do - Hang a hammock while minimizing tree damage! 

We quickly realized that there may no longer be a need for using expensive and unneccessary accessories just to prevent tree damage.  Our Toggle Rope of a suitable length could be used to tie a tree friendly hitch.   Introducing the TSIB Hitch.


The TSIB hitch was designed by THE Ship in a Bottle.  It all seemed so simple.  Jim, a retired navy veteran and no stranger to knots and marlinespike, set about the task.  The TSIB Hitch is so simple in fact that it is almost hard to believe it was not already illustrated in leading reference books for knots.

Please take a moment to REVIEW OUR VIDEOs on this page and familiarize yourself with this powerful hitch and other useful applications for our Toggle Rope.


The TSIB Hitch - Step 1 The TSIB Hitch - Step 2 The TSIB Hitch - Step 3 The TSIB Hitch - Step 4


TSIB HitchRear View of the TSIB HitchTSIB Hitch - Toggle through hammock eyeTSIB Hitch - CompletionTSIB Hitch in use

How to USE the Toggle Rope

Securing the toggle in a point along the rope Securing the toggle in a point along the rope Securing the toggle in a point along the rope

Care and Maintenance of your Toggle Ropes.

1. ALWAYS INSPECT YOUR TOGGLE ROPES FOR SIGNS OF WEAR/PHYSICAL DAMAGE PRIOR TO EACH USE. DO NOT USE if your ropes appear to be damaged in any way. Contact Jim at THE Ship in a Bottle for further instructions.

2. DO NOT tie knots with your toggle ropes. They can be difficult to untie.

3. DO NOT machine wash. If absolutely necessary, hand wash in mild detergent solution and rinse thoroughly.

4.  Store in a cool dry place.  Never store away Toggle Ropes when wet.  Although the cord and wooden toggles are UV resistant, mold and mildew can occur when improperly stored and can quickly ruin your ropes.

If you have any questions regarding the care and use of your Toggle Ropes, please contact us at 855.CPO.NAVY / 855.276.6289.

 Toggle Rope US Patent number 8,443,471 B2

Toggle Ropes now available in different colors!

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Colored Toggle Rope Sets

TSIB Hitch

Introducing the TSIB Hitch.   Strong, reliable, and easy to set up and take down. Innovation from THE Ship in a Bottle.

Watch Our New Video - How to Make the TSIB Hitch


Our very unique Toggle Ropes are now available in a set consisting of (2) ten foot toggle ropes, (4) five foot toggle ropes, 4 Extra Toggles, and 100 feet of para cord. The set comes complete with the Cordura drawstring bag, pictured to the left with the toggle ropes.

Another way to use the Toggle Rope.

Toggle ropes have been around for centuries in nautical applications so the idea itself is not new. British Commandos and Paratroopers used them in WWII.

Our patented (US 8,443,471 B2) Toggle Rope suspension system improves on the WWII "commando rope" design and offers much more flexibility on a broad range of camping, rescue, and utility applications.  This no-knot design makes the rope easier to set up and take down.

Our Toggle Ropes are capable of supporing weights in excess of 1000 pounds.

One Application of the TOGGLE Rope

Our simple to use Toggle Rope has a loop at one end with a toggle at the other.  To sling a hammock, make a pass around a tree (or branch as pictured above).  Pass the toggle end through the eye, then pass the toggle through the eye of the hammock and back through the eye of the rope.  Simple, incredibly strong, and reliable.

Around the rock - Toggle Rope in Action

Toggle Ropes can be used around any object capable of supporting the hammock weight.  Our ropes have been used around tree trunks, branches, rock outcroppings, posts, rails, and many other objects. 

Toggle Ropes can also be used for tethering your canoe, kayak, or any small boat.  They also make excellent horse ropes!

Toggle Rope - Around the tree

The photo above illustrates an alternate method of securing a hammock to a tree.  To secure a hammock in this fashion, wrap the rope around the tree or any stable object and pass the toggle back through the eye.  Cinch it up tightly.  Then pass the toggle through the eye of the hammock and re-insert the toggle back through the rope at any point along its length once the appropriate amount of slack has been removed.

ALWAYS pass the toggle through the middle of the rope, separating the rope with two strands on either side of the toggle.  Failure to do so may cause the rope to draw up as seen in the illustration below.

Improper use of the Toggle Rope