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Marlow White WKC and Vanguard Premium Swords Now Available from THE Ship in a Bottle

Buy Vanguard Navy Officer Swords and Accessories

$595 - NO Personal Engraving
$620 Personal Engrving
BUY the Authentic Vanguard Premium Officers Sword Package
Vanguard Sword and Accessory
Everything needed to wear the sword with the uniform.
White Gloves (not shown) are Included!
Vitalon Hard Case (not shown) is Included!
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Item # SWDVGN-0001
$510 - NO Personal Engraving
$535 - Personal Engraving
Vanguard Premium Navy Officer's Sword and Scabbard
Vanguard Sword and Scabbard
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Navy Officer Sword Accessories

Item # SWDKNT-01
Item # SWDBLT-01
Item # SWDCASE-01
Vanguard's Navy Officer Sword Knot Vanguard's Black Leather Sword Belt for Navy Officer Vanguard's Vitalon Sword Case  
Vanguard Sword Knot Vanguard Premium Leather
Sword Belt with Buckle
Vitalon Rigid Sword Case
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BUY WKC/Marlow White Swords and Accessories

US Navy Officer Sword by Marlow White/WKC

Premium Sword with Scabbard

Item SWDMWN-0100
Marlow White WKC

Standard Sword with Scabbard

Item SWDMWN-0200
 Marlow White Sword Knot
 For Wear with the US Navy Sword
Item SWDKNT-02
Marlow White Sword Belt with Buckle

 For Wear with the US Navy Sword
Belt Size
Item SWDBLT-02
Marlowe White Sword Belt
Marlow White Premium Navy Officer Sword Package.

Includes everything pictured!

Belt Size
Sword Length
Marlow White Standard Navy Officer Sword Package.

Includes everything pictured!

Belt Size
Sword Length

Sword/Cutlass FAQs

How do our prices compare with Navy Exchange Prices?

Only the Vanguard Swords are presently sold in the Navy Exchange Uniform Shops

The prices shown are accurate at the time of this posting (09/02/13) and will be checked periodically for accuracy. Please bring any discrepancies to our attention.

Navy Officer Sword:

Sword and Scabbard $550 $510 $40
Leather Belt and Buckle $70.25 $64.95 $5.30
Sword Knot $48.00 $35.00 $13.00
Carrying Case $49.55 $42.00 $7.55
Total: $717.80 $649.80 $65.85

What is the difference between a Sword and a Cutlass?

The sword is worn by US Navy Officers and the Cutlass is worn by US Navy Chief Petty Officers (CPO).  In physical appearance, the sword is a straight blade with ornate etching and the cutlass is a curved blade with a rounded hand guard.  Think of the cutlass as something similar to a pirate sword.

How do I know which length to buy?

The Navy Officer Sword is available in various lengths to best suit the height of the person wearing the blade. It may be best for you to contact us to assist in selecting the proper size.  The CPO Cutlass is a fixed length blade - one size fits all.

Navy Officer Sword Length Recommendations (From U.S. Naval Academy)
5'6" to 5'7" 28 Inches
5'8" to 5'9" 29 Inches
5'10" to 5'11" 30 Inches
6'0" to 6'1" 31 Inches
6'2" to 6'3" 32 Inches
6'4" to 6'5" 33 Inches
Over 6'6" 34 Inches
Note: for persons under 5'6" please contact us for
blade sizes and availability.

What accessories are required to wear the sword or cutlass with the uniform?

For the Navy Officer Sword - Sword and Scabbard, Belt with Buckle, Sword Knot. We include white gloves and a VITALON hard carrying case with all Navy Officer Sword package purchases.

For the Navy CPO Cutlass - Cutlas and Scabbard, Leather Belt, Belt Buckle, Leather Frog (or Throg) for attaching the cutlass to the belt. We include a pair of white gloves and a very nice zippered case with all Navy CPO Cutlass package purchases.

Do you offer financing?

We offer "Bill Me Later" through our PayPal shopping option

Can the Sword or Cutlass and Accessories be purchased as a package?

The Sword or Cutlass can be purchased as a package from THE Ship in a Bottle but are not available as a package through the Navy Exchange Uniform Shop.

Have an unanswered question?

Please call our toll free number at 855.CPO.NAVY / 855.276.6289 or email us at

The Ship in a Bottle is an Authorized Dealer for Vanguard Military Products and Marlow White Swords and Accessories.

New Vanguard CPO Cutlasses - $385.00

New Vanguard US Navy Officer Sword $510

Vanguard Insignia 25% off

Commodore Ultra-Lite Hammocks 10% off

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Authentic US Navy Officer Swords and Accessories. Certified Uniform Items.

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Buy Either the Vanguard or Marlow White WKC Premium Navy Officer Sword and Save. Packages available

Marlow White's Premium Navy Officer Sword Features

The following is an excerpt from the Marlow White Website:

Marlow White's Premium Navy Officer Sword and Scabbard is the finest Navy sword available. Marlow White and the United States Naval Academy developed this sword jointly. We invite you to check out the comparison page which shows the incredible difference between this sword and our regular sword. The Premium sword is 74% heavier than the regular (standard) sword. The specifications for the PREMIUM sword exceed the specifications for the standard Navy Officer Sword.

Please Note: The metal work on the sword belt will scratch the scabbard mouth the first time this sword is worn. There is no way to prevent this given the manner in which the sword is hung on the belt.

Blade - Stainless-steel blade with one groove on each side. Acid-etched with the USN pattern, so deep one can feel it with a fingernail. Hand-polished. Unsharpened ceremonial edge, but the blade has a sharp tip Scabbard: Stainless steel tube covered with genuine calf leather. Fittings: Brass, 24-carat gold-plated. Guard - Cast brass with "USN". 24-carat gold-plated Grip - Ivory-colored plastic grip with imitation sting-ray skin surface. More ornate gold-plated wire around the grip Pommel - Cast brass. 24-carat gold-plated.

Vanguards Premium Navy Officer Sword Features:

  • Acid Etched Stainless Steel Blade with single groove on both sides
  • 24K Gold Plated Brass Guard and Fittings
  • Leather Scabbard with 24K gold Plated Brass Hardware
  • Imitatin Ray Skin Surface on Ivory Colored Plastic Grip
  • 24K Gold Wire wraps around the hand grip